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The different types of replacement springs

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Replacement Springs Come In All Shapes And Sizes


There is a variety of available springs, some of which are meant for daily use, while others can be heavy-duty metallic springs. Some of the springs that are industrially manufactured are compression springs. If you need personalized spring solutions for your own project, it is advised to contact a compression spring manufacturer and discuss your needs with them.

The different types of replacement springs

The compression springs work wonders for projects where you need resistance to a compressive force. In most cases, the compression spring manufacturer will maintain a constant diameter of the spring throughout its length.

Sometimes, however, the springs can be coiled in a variety of shapes; some of the most popular ones are the conical shape, the barrel shape (also known as concave), the hourglass shape (or convex), and so on.

When working on personalized projects you may find out that you need a type of spring that is not mass-manufactured. In this situation you have 2 options: you can either “adapt” what you have to what you need, or – if you need the new springs in large amounts – you can talk to a professional compression spring manufacturer to honor your order.

Did you know…?

A curiosity about the physics behind compression springs and replacement springs: did you know that a simple longbow can be considered a spring? Although it doesn’t have the open-coil helical shape that we are used to, but this doesn’t mean that the longbow doesn’t act as a spring. For example, a longbow which measures 2m long can have a 470 N draw force!


Whenever you need replacement springs, talk to a professional compression spring manufacturer who can mass-produce the springs you need. For all your replacement springs needs, contact All Rile Spring in your area today and talk to one of their expert representatives.

What do coil springs and steampunk have in common?

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Have Fun While Working: Upcycle Coil Springs In Creative DIY Projects


Coil springs are among the most used types of spiral coil springs available. Not only that, but they are also very practical in a lot of situations and for a lot of projects. They are easy to use, affordable as price, and can be used to repair a lot of things around the house… or at work.

But while you are working, why not have a bit of fun? Coil springs are extremely practical, but they can also be lots of fun. A lot of people get really creative with these springs, and some of them create unique pieces of art.

What do coil springs and steampunk have in common?

For example, the artistic field that makes the most of coil springs is known as steampunk. The term was initially used to define a literary genre, but in recent years it has become a fashion movement. The objects crafted in the steampunk style are inspired by the industrialization process of the 19th century, during the Victorian Era. You can see a lot of coil springs in steam punk objects, from pendants, necklaces, rings, to household items, or even automobiles.

The coil springs that are used to create steampunk objects can be either new, or salvaged, although you will rarely find rusted coil springs worn as jewelry (they are used more to design and create household items).

What fun items can you create with coil springs?


It’s easy to come up with unique ideas; all you need is a bit of imagination and a steady hand. For example, you can create Christmas candle decorations by placing a candle in the middle of a spiral coil spring. Or, you can use very, very small spiral springs to craft unique rings. Yu can use old springs as jewelry organizers, as chandeliers, or as candle holders. Other ideas can be a bit crazy, like designing a poodle of a metal spiral coil, or turning a spiral coil spring into a creative elephant yard sculpture. 

Custom made large compression and extension springs

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If you require large compression springs or large extension springs you may need to find a supplier that makes custom springs. All Rite Spring manufactures springs for various applications and can produce custom springs including large and small springs. They are leading suppliers of various compression and extension springs and their engineers will work with you should you have custom spring requirements.

A compression spring pushes back against a force that is applied to it. As the spring is compressed it will release energy and try to return to its original state.  Compression springs come in a variety of shapes including cylindrical, conical, barrel and hourglass. Since a compression spring offers resistance to an applied force it can be used in many applications and is found in automotive engines, stamping presses, lawn mowers,  medical devices, cell phones as well as in  sensitive instruments and devices. Large compression springs will offer a greater resistance and will therefor find application in heavy duty activities.

Extension springs are loaded in tension and usually have a helical shape. Hooks or loops are provided so that a pull force can be applied. Like a compression spring, an extension spring will try and return to its original state. Extension springs can therefore be used to pull components together after they move apart.

Extension springs are wound to resist extension and the tighter the coil the greater the resistance. Since extension springs resist a pull force they are useful in applications such as garage door assemblies, trampolines, machinery and toys. Large extension springs will offer greater pull resistance and will therefore be useful in heavy duty applications such as trampolines, farm machinery and large vehicles. Extension springs come in a variety of sizes and can also be custom manufactured for a specific application.

Extension spring suppliers for quality and precision extension springs

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Springs play a vital role in everyday life and extension springs are no exception.  These tension springs are designed to deliver a specific pull or counter force when extended to a certain length. They are found in trampolines, washing machines, garage door assemblies, automotive parts, toys, industrial robots, door locks and may other pieces of equipment and machinery.

If you are looking for competent extension spring suppliers you need look no further than the All Rite Spring Company.  They have many years’ experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing a wide variety of springs including extension springs. They offer many competitive advantages including price, delivery, skill, technology, quality assurance, support and more.

Often extension spring suppliers will carry stock and can often help you with immediate needs or small orders.  A competent spring supplier can make custom springs optimized for your application. Professional extension spring suppliers will perform a wide range of evaluations taking into account environment, stress factors, tension calculations, defections, fatigue and related factors when engineering your custom extension springs.

Whether you need standard extension springs or custom ones, a company like All Rite Spring can help. Perhaps you need coiled extension springs that require an initial tension? Maybe you want to be able to control the initial tension. You might need a standard attachment for end loops and hooks or maybe you want something specific such as coiled or screw in attachment. There are many types of attachments for extension springs including German loops, English loops, extended hooks, side hooks, side loops, screw plugs and screw shackles. 


Whatever your requirements are, you want to deal with the right supplier. There are many extension spring suppliers, but not all of them will have the level of expertise, technical competence and top notch customer service required to deliver to your expectations.

Common Uses of Compression Springs

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Common Uses Of Compression Springs



There are several hundred kinds of compression springs on the market today, and as technology evolves, so does the shape, size, and use of springs. Compression springs are one of the popular types of springs, but they too are divided in several categories.

Compression springs: manufacturing and shape considerations

Depending on their use, compressions springs are manufactured from different materials, they come in different sizes, and their edges may differ a bit from project to project. However, there is one thing that always remains the same, and that is their helical shape. Generally, the compression springs are manufactured from steel, but they can be manufactured from any type of material that is able to provide the compression springs with the right rigidity and elasticity.

Did you know that… a wooden bow is also considered a compression spring? Even though it is made from wood and does not have a helix shape, the fact that it is both rigid and elastic at the same time makes it a compression spring.

What are the most common uses of compression springs?

Professionals are not the only ones who can benefit from the use of compression springs. If you are a handyman at home, you will find a great friend in compression springs. Here are some of the most common uses of compression springs:

-          They are found in mattresses

-          They are used to create trampolines

-          They are great shock absorbers, and therefore make a great addition to pogo sticks

-          The right size and resistance makes them perfect for earthquake resistant foundations

These are the four situations in which people use compression springs, but the list doesn’t stop here. Probably THE most common industry for compression springs is the automotive industry. Aerospace industry also benefits a lot from these helix springs.


Have a look around you… can you spot other places or objects where compression springs are used? What about household items?

How to Make Custom Springs

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Can’t Find A Spring For It? Here’s What To Do


There are hundreds and thousands of spring models, suitable for all industries and all uses. Well, at least for most of them… But sometimes you discover that THE spring model you need has not been invented yet; this is when you find yourself in need of a custom spring manufacturer that can turn your idea into reality.

How are custom springs manufactured?

It all starts with you describing your spring to the custom spring manufacturer. The manufacturer will create a sketch of your vision for the spring in order to make sure that what you need and what the manufacturer understands you need are the same thing.

The project then continues with a 3D projection of the custom spring project. In the 3D image you will be able to see the spring’s shape, design, and use. An industry that benefits a lot from custom springs is the aerospace industry; the automobile industry is also constantly evolving and therefore requires constant spring design improvements.

In what concerns your custom project, you will have to discuss it in absolute detail with the manufacturer. Some manufacturers require a certain quantity of springs to be created according to your plans. So if you only need 5-10-20-50 spring pieces, you’ll probably have to pay a fortune on them. If this is the case with your project, it is better to try and create the custom springs by yourself, or try to replace them with something that is already produced at an industrial scale.

However, if you need to work with a company that has extensive experience creating custom springs from wire, then you can contact a representative of All Rite Spring and discuss your needs with him or her. The company has become a leader in the design and manufacture of high-volume, low-cost custom springs.

A clock spring company for your flat spring requirements

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Clock springs are designed to provide torsion and are used in important applications such as vehicle steering mechanisms, recliner seats, air bags, stamped hinge sets and more. Clock spring wire is flat and can be manufactured from various materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum or even brass. Since clock spring wire is flat it enables the spring to unwind in one direction and rewind in the opposite direction.

If you are looking for a Clock Spring company you need look no further than All Rite Spring. They can manufacture clock springs and flat springs for just about any application and from a variety of materials.  They have 3 decades of experience in spring design and manufacture and are true leaders and innovators in the industry,

A processional clock spring company does not have to rely on trial and error manufacturing and will provide you with a working solution the first time round.  Clock springs, flat springs, torsion springs and most other types of springs are used in critical applications and it follows that these springs need to be carefully designed, precision engineered and thoroughly tested before being put into real world applications.

All Rite Spring is a clock spring company that delivers the highest quality when it comes to spring design, manufacturing and engineering. They employ advanced technology that enables them to manufacture custom clock spring wire and solutions quickly and cost effectively.  This way you get clock springs and spiral springs that are suitable for the intended application and that will be able to handle the loads and stresses placed on them.


There are many clock spring companies but few have the advanced resources and capabilities to handle a custom spring manufacturing job quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

A Recliner Spring and Large Compression Spring Supplier

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All-Rite Spring Company is a recommended manufacturer and supplier of a variety of springs including recliner springs and large compression springs.  If you are looking for a recliner spring supplier, then you need look no further than All-Rite Spring Company.

There are different types of recliner springs such as a gas spring that can be used for a reclining chair or a recliner extension spring that finds application in certain types of furniture as well as motor vehicle seats.  Recliner springs are also known as spiral springs and are useful in small areas where more torque is required.  Coil type recliner springs are often used in furniture and seats and can be made from a variety of materials including high-carbon spring steel, stainless steel or oil-tempered wire.

Compression springs can be manufactured from a range of materials such as music wire, stainless steel or galvanized wire.  A compression spring will provide resistance to a force or load applied to the ends of the spring and will try and push back to assume its original length. These types of coil springs have wide applications that range from automotive to medical devices and smart phones.

Large compression springs can be used in heavy applications such as stamping presses.  Dimensions are very important in the design and manufacturing of small or large compression springs.  The coil diameter, the number of coils, the spring length, the wire width and the shape of the wire can influence how the spring behaves and performs in various applications.  A professional spring manufacturer and supplier will ensure your springs, standard springs, custom springs or large compression springs are manufactured to the exact dimensions and standards required.

Specialised Spring Companies Can Manufacture Spiral Torsion Springs

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There are many spring companies and manufacturers and deciding which one to use should be a simple matter of performing some due diligence.  Basically you would want deal with a company that has a good track record and some recognized accreditations such as an ISO/TS certificate. A company that can manufacture custom springs, custom torsion springs, custom compression springs or custom extension springs will certainly be a plus factor.

Family owned and managed spring companies usually excel in the areas of customer service and delivery. This is because such spring companies are often big enough to deliver on large orders but still small enough to care. Spring companies that have a large network of affiliates are able to support customers in other states as well as in other countries. Finally you would prefer to deal with a spring company that stays current with technology and uses modern and effective design, manufacturing and testing procedures.

All Rite Spring is a manufacturing company that has all the above accreditations and they specialize in flat wound spiral and torsion springs as well as extension springs and custom springs.

Torsion springs will maintain a rotational pressure between two surfaces and this makes them ideal for applications such as washing line pegs, spring clamps, paper cutters as well as CD player doors and similar devices. When you apply pressure the coils are pushed closer and when the pressure is released the stored mechanical energy will try to force the spring back to its original state, thereby making clasping and similar actions possible.

A spiral torsion spring is a specialised torsion spring and is usually manufactured from rectangular section material such as plated metal.  Other materials could include stainless steel, titanium and certain alloys. The coils are wound flat with increasing spacing between successive coils.  These springs are highly specialised and they find applications in products such as hinge mechanisms, motor brushes, lever arms and swivel seats.  They are preferred over traditional torsion springs.

All Rite Spring Company is One of The Top Spring Suppliers in The US.

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A Top Spring Supplier Among Many Spring Companies


Most springs we see are not very big and most are probably quite cheap. Yet they play a critical role in their intended application.  So it stands to reason that they should be precision engineered and produced to the highest standards. There may be many spring companies but when you need precision you want to deal with a spring supplier that meets the required standards.

So what do you look for in spring supplier?  First you have to consider the capabilities of various spring companies. Does your spring supplier have capabilities to produce high quality clock springs, compression springs, torsions springs, extension springs as well as custom springs?

You know you will get top results from a spring supplier who is current with the latest technology and that is innovative enough to engineer a technology if it is not available.  You will likely prefer to contract with certified spring companies. One such certification is the ISO/TS 16949:2002 recognition.

spring companies or spring supplier

The best spring manufacturers employ high standards in their manufacturing processes including statistical process controls (SPC), advanced product quality planning (APQP) as well as failure analysis (FA). A top spring supplier will offer specialist in-house services such as grinding and color coding and have sub-contractors for specialist outside work.

Testing is big part of any spring manufacturer’s quality control process. Springs play such a vital role in mechanical sub-assemblies that you don’t want to risk failure. Testing, re-testing and re-engineering when needed is what it is all about.

Whether you order a small batch of springs or millions of them, you will still expect the same quality in each spring. All-Rite Spring is an accredited and certified spring supplier and manufacturer. They are one of the top spring companies that do not compromise on quality or service.

Custom Springs To Match any Type of Application

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Custom Extension Springs To Match Your Application...


Springs are used in countless applications and often there is a need for custom springs.  For example custom extension springs or custom compression springs can be designed and manufactured so that they are suitable for a specific application. All Rite Spring can custom manufacture any extension springs for your required or specific applications.

For example you might need custom extension springs with a specific preload or initial tension that can be varied. It does not matter whether you need custom extension springs, custom compression springs, custom torsion springs or any other type of custom spring. Whatever your needs you can be assured of high quality in budget and on time delivery.

Extension springs or tensile springs are used in many different applications and devices such as staplers, garage doors, vehicle interiors, carburettors, snow ploughs, trampolines and toys. So if you need small custom extension springs for a medical device or a large custom spring for off-road machinery, All Rite can manufacture and deliver.

In most applications extension springs are attached to other objects by way of hooks on both ends. When the attached objects move apart the extension spring attempts to keep them together. Since extension springs store energy, this energy acts as a force and creates a resistance to opposing pulling forces. Custom springs can be manufactured to your requirements and if there is an initial load this can be manipulated to suit the load requirement of your application.

Custom springs can be designed with a specific body length, a given extended length, a maximum load capacity, a specific loop length, custom hooks, an initial tension and any number of active coils. Custom springs are designed and manufactured with the same quality and care as regular springs.

Uses for Small Compression Springs

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What Are Small Compression Springs Used For?


Small compression springs are also known as miniature springs because of the small size they have in comparison with normal compression springs.

And when it says these springs are small, there is no joking around: they can be as small as a quarter of a penny. Or smaller.

What are small compression springs used for?

Nowadays we have computers that fit into our pockets. Our smartphones can do more tasks than a computer could only 10-15 years ago. As technology advances, the hardware equipment that is required to create it is smaller and smaller. Therefore, small compression springs also become smaller and smaller.

But small compression springs are not only used for state of art technology. Even a tool as simple as a water filler can require a small spring. If the spring of the lever breaks water would pour out continuously.

Another situation when you might need small compression springs is with the seat belt stalk in your car. Thus, even though it is small, the importance of a compression spring cannot be ignored.

How small can a small compression spring be?

Sizes differ with these springs as well as with others. Generally speaking, springs should have the following sizes:

-          Wire diameter 0.1mm

-          Coil outside diameter: 0.64mm

-          Spring index: 2.5

If you think about it, a penny is huge when compared to a spring of this size.

Can you make small compression springs at home?

Yes, you can. But you will need adequate equipment if you want to obtain a quality end-product. Here is a short list of the items you will need to get started:

-          A drill that has a torque

-          Heavy duty gloves (don’t try to cheat on these; it is risky to use gardening gloves because you can get injured)

-          An arbor, or a rod to wind the spring on

-          A piece of square steel to create the compression spring


Keep in mind that it is not advised to create these compression springs at home: you could get injured and the product could be faulty. 

Custom Spring Manufacturer: We Make Replacement Springs

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Why You’ll Be Thankful You Know A Custom Spring Manufacturer


How often do you need replacement springs? How often do you find yourself thinking, ‘Where can I find a custom spring manufacturer?’

Not too often, you may say. But when you do need the help of a custom spring manufacturer… will you know where to look for one?

Here are a few situations when you will be thankful for knowing a custom spring manufacturer:

  • ·         You need replacement springs for your car, but you can’t find them at any car service, car dealer or car junkyard
  • ·         Your backyard trampoline broke and you need replacement springs
  • ·         You can’t find replacement springs for your tent and you’re about to go on vacation



For these situations and many others feel free to contact a custom springs manufacturer in your area.

Who is a regular client of custom springs manufacturers?

There are a lot of industries that benefit from the existence of such manufacturers, but most often these are the people who keep in touch with custom springs manufacturers:

  1. 1.       Farmers: for tractors and other vehicles
  2. 2.       Factory owners: for machineries and robots
  3. 3.       Engineering experts
  4. 4.       Other manufacturers: for example, business owners who are building and selling trampolines




What are the most common types of springs?

Each client who is in need of custom springs will require something unique to their problem. But there are also lots of standard spring models and each of them has its own use: some are used to automobiles, others are used in engineering, some are meant to be used by heavy machinery, and so on.

Here are some of the most popular spring models:

  • ·         Compression springs
  • ·         Extension springs
  • ·         Wave springs
  • ·         Wire forms
  • ·         Torsion springs
  • ·         Washers
  • ·         Die springs
  • ·         Plastic springs









…and the list can continue. Each of these models can be custom made to the clients’ requirements regarding size, material, etc.

All-Rite Spring: spring manufacturer and spring Calculator

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Spring manufacturing machines

Do you want to start a business in the spring manufacturing field? If your answer to this question is yes, you should continue reading this article to find out information about spring manufacturing machines, maybe the most important part of your future business.

spring manufacturerFirst of all, we should all know that spring manufacturers nowadays rely on machines to do the job for them. These machines, called spring manufacturing machines can be found almost everywhere, because you can buy them online, and have them shipped to your company in just a few days.

These machines can be used for making all sorts of springs, from compression springs, to extension and torsion springs. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and it choosing one depends only on what you need it to do. An important aspect that you should pay attention to when buying a spring manufacturing machine is the diameter of the wire they work with. This varies from 0.1mm to even 5mm, and because most of these machines are now run using a computer, it is also easier for the spring manufacturer to use them.

Another great fact of these machines is the fact that they are easy to maintain. This happens because they do not have a complicated structured, with lots of components, and many of them come with an extended warranty of up to 5 years. Your supplier can also offer you maintenance services, at a convenient price.

The spring manufacturing machines can work with all sorts of alloys, ranging from copper alloys, to chrome-vanadium, and carbon alloys. For some of those materials unfortunately, you must have to use a wiring machine that also has a heat treatment function.

To sum up, we can say that there are all kinds of spring manufacturing machines on the market, and it all comes down to what you need it to do when you want to buy one.


What do compression springs and automotive springs have in common

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What should you know about compression springs


Everyone has heard about compression springs, but have you ever wondered what are they used for? If you ever found yourself in this situation, you should further read this article to find out more about what are those used for, and how compression springs are obtained.

compression springs and automotive springs are both used in the automotive industry on cars they are known as shock absorbers


First of all, we should all understand how it looks like, and how it is obtained. The compression spring is the exact opposite of an extension spring. If an extension spring is used to hold two items together, a compression spring is used to keep those items apart.  A compression spring is at rest at its free length, which is typically the longest length.

The compression spring works by absorbing the energy while being compressed, and then releasing that energy when it expands. It is used widely all over the world, both for common uses and industrial uses.

Many recent technological advances in the field of spring design and production have enabled individuals unfamiliar with the process to easily grasp spring concepts and obtain the spring that they need.  A spring can be designed from it desired output requirements or analyzed by entering its physical characteristics.  If a similar spring is not present in the catalog, then this information can be entered into the coiling equipment to produce the exact part that is required.  The level of automation in this process over many years has increased significantly to provide not only what a customer requires, but also at a reduced cost.

The compression spring plays an important role in the automotive industry since it is used to make shock absorbers, seating and engine components, and door hardware.  It is also used to make toys, like pogo sticks, and in buildings when it comes to earthquake resistant foundations. Besides all these uses, this type of spring is also used for mattresses, and in switches for fluid or air control.

All-Rite Spring Company offers many types of springs, including compression springs, for the automotive industry as well as many others.

We make it easy to design a spring using our spring calculator

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Do You Want to Design A Spring? Find Out How


Are you having problems when trying to design a spring? If you find yourself in this situation, the best solution for your problem would be to purchase using a spring calculator that will do the job for you in no time. 

There is a free to use online spring calculator, but keep in mind that those are not for professional use, and most of them only design compression springs. This kind of calculator will calculate all the parameters you need to know such as coil pitch and angle, maximum load, resonant frequency, and even the maximum stress value. It uses basic geometry and material data input to find out all of the coil`s parameters.

spring calculator


If you need to design a coil spring for industrial use, it is best for you to purchase a professional spring calculator. Even though this might seem a bit pricy, it will help you do all the difficult calculus that is involved in the process. Since they are available directly from the internet, you do not even need to waste time looking for companies that sell such software in your area. You simply need to download it, after paying the required sum of money through an internet money transaction program.

You can even design all sorts of different springs using a especially designed software. For example, if purchasing such a software, you can design all sorts of coil springs, from compression springs to even bean and solid torsion springs. If you think that you will not be able to operate such a program, there is no need to worry since most of them come with a help section, which will guide you through all the processes of designing a spring.

As a consequence of the fact that there are more and more programs that are used for designing springs, their price has dropped considerably, making them available for even small businesses.


All Rite Spring Company: manufacturer of spiral springs

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A spring manufacturer of spiral springs with the cutting edge tools, calculators and technologies

 Our spring calculator can help you determine many spring properties and variables such as spring force, compressed length, spring constant, shear stress, spring rate, max load, coil pitch and more. The All Rite Spring Company has the right spring calculator for your needs and they can help you design spiral springs.  You can use their online calculators to design clock springs, torsion springs, spiral springs, extension springs and other custom spiral springs.

The spring calculator enables you to enter your spiral spring dimensions and variables. The All Rite Spring search engine will check if there are existing spiral springs that match your needs, else they will provide you with a quote to manufacture your custom spring. You can enter many parameters such as diameter, width, thickness, deflection, torque, stress and more. The spring calculator will do the rest.

spring calculator

When you look for a spring manufacturer you want to find a company that manufactures standard springs as well as custom spiral springs. You need a company with the capabilities to produce precision springs from round and shaped wire. The spring manufacturer should provide you with a single source solution that incorporates, design, prototyping, manufacture and testing.

As a spring manufacturer of spiral springs will have a state of the art facility equipped with all the required machinery including CNC forming and coiling machinery.  When you need a leading manufacturer of cost-effective high volume spiral springs you want to deal with a  custom spring design and engineering company that uses bleeding edge technology to produce precision clock, extension, torsion, compression and custom springs as well as various wireforms and parts.

 Whether you need online spring calculators, 3D printed parts, custom coil springs, advanced spring design you need look no further than All Rite Spring Manufacturers.  Their superior design technology couples with high volume production and rigorous testing and stress analysis ensures your spiral springs will be suitable for their specified applications.

Automotive Springs and Spring Manufacturer Information

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Automotive Springs are suitable for your application needs

 Automotive springs manufacturing demands rigorous and stringent standards and these apply to all components including automotive springs.  Springs find wide application in the automotive industry including areas such as steering, suspension and brakes. It is vital that components such as coil springs, compression springs and leaf springs are manufactured to the highest standards.

All Rite Spring specializes in the design and precision manufacture of wire springs such as automotive springs, compression springs, and torsion springs. The manufacture of  automotive springs from round and shaped wire requires precision and state of the art equipment as well as high level of design, engineering and manufacturing skills.

automotive springs

Automotive springs are used in many industries and find application in diverse products such as shock absorbers, stamping presses, lawnmowers, cell phones and even sensitive instrumentation. They provide resistance to linear forces and are highly effective energy storage devices. That is why the can be used in simple products such as ball point pens as well as complex products such as medical devices. When you apply a compression force to these open coil springs they will resist and attempt to push back and regain their original state and length.

Automotive springs do not only come in a boring silver color, in fact they can be just about any color you want. But more important than the color are the specifications of the spring. You need the correct coil diameter, number of coils as well as diameter length so that your compression springs will be suited to the intended application.

 All Rite Spring has extensive experience in spring design as a spring manufacturer. They have helped thousands of companies with proper spring design and manufacturing and they can do the same for you. So whether you need automotive springs, coil springs, leaf springs or torsion springs, they will ensure your springs have the correct dimensions and properties suitable for your application and fill your needs as a spring manufacturer.

Automotive Coil Springs Can Help You Save on Auto Repairs

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How to change the coil springs on your car?


Have you ever thought that you can change the coil springs of your car on your own? In fact this is a very simple task, and if you have the required tools, you can even do it yourself. This way, besides learning how it`s done, you will also be able to save the money otherwise spent to hire someone for this job.

First of all, you need to make sure that you have everything necessary for the job before actually starting the work on the car. For a coil spring change you will need:  a jack, coil compressor, a couple of wrenches, the new coil springs, and an angle grinder. After you make sure that you have everything you need, start by raising the car up using the jack. After that remove the wheel off the car, an also remove the strut. The strut is the metal device that holds the coil spring and the shock absorbers over the tires.

coil springs


Before removing the existing spring measure it, and then using the coil compressor remove the spring from the assembly. Then measure the old coil spring again, after you dismantled it, and to that number add 2,5 cm. This way you will obtain the total length of the new spring. Cut the new coil spring to the specified value, and then, again using the spring compressor, mount it back into the strut. Last but not least, you should bolt back the strut in its place and then mount the wheel back on. 

Finally, you should repeat the process for all the coils that you will to change from your car. If you follow these steps carefully, you will see that this is a job that anyone can do, and it is not even time consuming, since the whole process takes only about 20 minutes for each wheel of the car.


Perfect for the vehicle market: Coil Springs and Custom Springs

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Coil springs are an important component in vehicle suspension systems


Springs play a huge role in vehicle suspension which in turn affects its handling, steering, and braking.  It is clear that they need to be durable and of high quality material.  All-Rite Spring manufactures high quality automotive springs made from new generation steel and lighter high stress materials.  Their custom coil springs can be used to raise or lower components and help to firm or soften a ride.

Whether you are active in the normal vehicle market, motor racing or specialty vehicles, you will find the automotive and coil springs you need at All-Rite Spring.  Automotive springs are suitable for high performance racing vehicles, off-road vehicles, dirt bikes, sedans, sports cars, emergency vehicles as well as armored vehicles and heavy duty trucks.

coil springs


On a basic level, a coil spring is a simple helical component that is made from round wire.  Coils springs find applications in all walks of life including mattresses, hook scales, toys and flashlights.  When we talk about the automotive industry, the types of springs required become more complex and advanced.  There are many different types of spring systems that find application in a vehicle suspension system.

Leaf springs resemble a stack of thin, narrow plates and are made from curved steel and offer a great deal of rigidity and durability for heavy use.  Coil springs are also used in automotive industry where they can be used in conjunction with shock absorbers to help absorb the shocks and bumps of uneven terrains. They provide a higher absorption rate than leaf springs and they do not require linkages.


Whatever custom parts you need, be it coil springs, torsion springs, extension springs, wire forms, pressed parts, contacts or sub-assemblies, you will find the right spring solution at All-Rite Spring Company.

Spring Calculator measure variables including depth and spring load

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A spring calculator simplifies the manufacture of springs and wireforms


All-Rite Spring Company simplifies spring design with a smart and innovative spring calculator.  Now their extension, torsion and compression spring calculators can measure many variables such as inputs, stress and load factors.  A spring calculator enables the manufacturer to produce springs that are stronger and safer.

A spring manufacturer can measure many useful variables with a spring calculator.  Maybe you need to determine the spring force for a particular displacement or the spring deflection for a given force. When you have an idea for a spring design, the spring calculator can help you connect the dots. When you know the basic geometry and materials you can use an appropriate spring calculator to determine important parameters such as spring load, spring rate, coil pitch and many more.

Everybody wants safer springs and a calculator can help you achieve this.  Springs have to endure great stresses and stress fatigue can damage or break a spring.  Now you can use a spring calculator to determine if a specific spring will fail in a dynamic loading environment.

spring calculator

When you need quality, innovation and precision in spring design and manufacture, you need to deal with a spring manufacturer that has the knowledge, equipment and engineering skills to design and create precision springs that match your requirements and specifications.  Whether you need stock or custom springs, All-Rite Spring has the right products and solutions for you.


They have many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of springs from round or shaped wire.  Their modern facility has the latest forming and coiling equipment and they use bleeding edge technology to create superior precision springs.  From stock springs to complex clock, extension, torsion or compression springs, you can rely on All-Rite to deliver springs or wireforms in line with your specifications and expectations.



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