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Compression Springs, Coil Springs and Small Compression Springs For Push Switches and Pens


Our Small Compression springs provide resistance to a load applied externally to the ends of the springs.  Common applications for compression springs include pushbutton switches, ballpoint pens, and shock absorbers.


With over 3 decades of compression springs design experience, All-Rite Spring Company has the expertise, resources and technology to meet all of your custom spring needs in one convenient location. Our experience is also a major benefit to you because it allows us to eliminate "trial and error" engineering and rapidly produce an effective, low cost solution to your compression springs, small springs or custom springs engineering challenges. So, how may we best serve you today?


small compression springs


When people think of springs, they most often think of smal springs, or compression springs. Our springs provide resistance to a load applied externally to the ends of the spring. Compression springs come in all sizes and strengths, and common applications include pushbutton switches, ballpoint pens, and shock absorbers. As the leader in low cost compression springs manufacturing, All-Rite designs and produces many custom springs for various applications and industries. From large to small springs to compression springs, we have you covered!


Our manufacturing technology allows us to offer small springs in an array of sizes and materials. In fact, our compression springs are available in straight, conical or barrel shaped, with either plain or ground ends. Whether the need is for large or small springs, All-Rite Spring Company is at your service! With a huge inventory of round and shaped wire in a large variety of standard materials or special alloys, All-Rite can fabricate compression springs for just about any need you may require. Whatever your application, we can produce compression springs using wire sizes ranging from .006" to .413", and we accomplish this at a price well below market. So, not only are we equipped to be your single source compression springs provider, but we can provide your full compliment of small springs at the best prices in the industry. So, why go anywhere else?


If you have a custom need, our custom spring calculator allows you to design the perfect set of compression springs for your particular application. Just enter in your specs and leave the rest to us! With our CNC equipped tool-room and state-of-the-art technology, we will expertly manufacture your custom small springs quickly and efficiently. Just send us your print, or design your part on our web based design a spring tool and take advantage of All-Rite's extensive experience in compression springs manufacturing. At All-Rite Spring Company, we recognize that not all of our customers require custom springs manufacturing solutions. That is why we have also compiled a large tooling library, allowing you to to easily and conveniently select from a wide array of standard materials and geometry for rapid production. Contact us today, and please let us know how we may best assist you. 





- Wire Range : .006" [0.15mm] to .413" [10.5mm]


- Shinko CNC coilers


- Torrington automatic coilers


- Non-contact gaging


- Inline stress relief ovens


- Prototypes from production machinery to ensure consistency from design to production 

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