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August 20, 2015


All-Rite Spring Company Integrates Robotic Automation


After years of making springs for a number of robotic companies, All-Rite Spring Company now has robots producing springs of their own. Meet the AFM 3D8-Sd.


ARSC President John Bilik can’t say enough about his latest technological advantage. “We are excited to add AIM technology into our already extensive knowledge base of complex wire-forming systems. Our global automotive customers demand world-class pricing and capabilities. By integrating robotic automation with CNC multiaxis wire-forming technology, All-Rite Spring can offer a lightning-fast development phase.”


A faster development phase for ARSC equates to several industry advantages: a more competitive “no hands” pricing structure; shorter production lead times; and superior part performance.


Bilik elaborated, “We can now more rapidly respond to development work without immediately creating hard tooling, providing for more cost-effective prototyping and smaller run jobs. We have reduced changeover time by keeping the same wireline tooling in a machine, and order separate machines for each wireline size. As long as the wireline tooling and radii tools are similar, there is very little changeover work to run different jobs.”


When people hear of companies investing in robotics, often times first thoughts are cuts in manpower or loss of jobs. That is not the plan now — or long term — with Bilik and All-Rite Spring Company.

“This eliminates secondary processing, and technical skills that are learned makes our technicians more valuable to the company and in the industry in general. New programming methodology and training requirements mesh nicely with the CNC-Spring technology already in possession. Our technicians and operators are geared towards learning CNC code with respect to forming and coiling wire. These skills are transferable to the new machinery and its increased capabilities in terms of part geometry.”


Besides pushing the envelope with twisting and bending and cutting edge technology, ARSC is also pushing edges of its manufacturing facility. Barely 14-months into their 58,000-plus-square-foot addition, ARSC has just about maxed out its floor space. All-Rite will fill the remaining square footage with the addition of more robotic automation early in 2016.


“Cost effectiveness compared to peers in the industry was a key deciding factor to go with the AIM Synchro’s. The fact that AIM is located in Illinois and can meet our warrantee and service requirements plays a large part in the purchasing decision as well,” Bilik explained.


In short, AIM synchro technology will allow ARSC to attain the goal every supplier-to-customer relationship dreams of: faster, better, and less expensive!


All-Rite Spring Company is located in Spring Grove, IL. and specializes in the design, prototyping, and manufacturing of extension, compression, torsion, and specialty springs and wireforms. If you would like to learn more about All-Rite Spring Company and see the future of spring manufacturing now, go to www.allrite.com or call (815) 675-1350.


Jan. 29, 2014



Extension Springs from All-Rite Springs Company


Spring Grove, IL- All-Rite Springs Company produces over 70 million custom extension springs annually; including a variety of end and hook configurations which utilize the latest CNC technology.

To further explain the definition of extension springs, ToolingU, offers a definition, “A type of spring designed to support tensile, or pulling, loads. Extension springs are also called tensile springs.”


Extension springs provide a unique resistance to tension, stretching and force because they are tightly coiled, unlike other springs. Since these springs deliver resistance to a load applied internally to the ends of the springs, they are commonly used for garage doors, trampolines, screen doors and throttle returns.

All-Rite can fabricate extension springs for just about any need you may require, out of round or shaped wire and in a large variety of standard materials or special alloys.


As the leader in low cost extension springs sales, All-Rite designs and produces many extension springs for various applications. Material selection and geometry can be standard and produced from their tooling library, or customized rapidly in the CNC equipped tool-room for your specific application. With over 30 years of extension spring design, All-Rite Spring Co. can eliminate "trial and error" engineering and produce an effective low cost solution to your engineering challenge quickly.


You can visit extension springs online, at http://www.allrite.com/extension-springs-info.html or visit their design page to take part in their web based design tool and take advantage of All-Rite’s extensive experience in extension spring manufacturing.

For more information visit www.allrite.com or contact them (815) 675-1350.



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