What do coil springs and steampunk have in common?

Have Fun While Working: Upcycle Coil Springs In Creative DIY Projects

Coil springs are among the most used types of spiral coil springs available. Not only that, but they are also very practical in a lot of situations and for a lot of projects. They are easy to use, affordable as price, and can be used to repair a lot of things around the house… or at work.

But while you are working, why not have a bit of fun? Coil springs are extremely practical, but they can also be lots of fun. A lot of people get really creative with these springs, and some of them create unique pieces of art.

What do coil springs and steampunk have in common?

For example, the artistic field that makes the most of coil springs is known as steampunk. The term was initially used to define a literary genre, but in recent years it has become a fashion movement. The objects crafted in the steampunk style are inspired by the industrialization process of the 19th century, during the Victorian Era. You can see a lot of coil springs in steam punk objects, from pendants, necklaces, rings, to household items, or even automobiles.

The coil springs that are used to create steampunk objects can be either new, or salvaged, although you will rarely find rusted coil springs worn as jewelry (they are used more to design and create household items).

What fun items can you create with coil springs?

It’s easy to come up with unique ideas; all you need is a bit of imagination and a steady hand. For example, you can create Christmas candle decorations by placing a candle in the middle of a spiral coil spring. Or, you can use very, very small spiral springs to craft unique rings. Yu can use old springs as jewelry organizers, as chandeliers, or as candle holders. Other ideas can be a bit crazy, like designing a poodle of a metal spiral coil, or turning a spiral coil spring into a creative elephant yard sculpture.